Special Programs and class presentation Kits

Ever wish you could educate your patients in a group setting, give them useful and appropriate education on topics that mattered to them, and reinforce the teachings of your practice? While this may be possible for some practices, for many, it is not a reality. The time and energy it takes to put together a presentation, not to mention the promotional pieces needed to get the word out to your patients and community make these types of endeavors difficult for most busy healthcare professionals.  

That's where we come in.  Introducing NAFC's Class Presentation Kits.  We've rounded up the brightest minds in the industry to take all the guesswork out of developing an educational program for your patients.  Our Class Presentation Kits are developed by an esteemed advisory board of trained Healthcare Professionals, and come fully loaded with presentations, notes and instruction guides, and promotional materials such as patient handouts, posters, sample emails, and social media posts to help you get the word out.  



Our BE STRONG kits cover topics related to maintaining a strong and healthy pelvic floor. Great for physical therapists looking to educate their patients about maintaining good pelvic floor health. These kits cover a wide range of topics, including general pelvic health, pregnancy, menopause, sexual health, and prostate health. Click here to learn more about our BE STRONG kits.

*Receive a DEMO pair of INNOVO shorts when you sign up to host a BE Strong Class this Fall/Winter!


UROLOGY 101 Kits

Our newest and growing library of kits, UROLOGY 101 provides kits for understanding the many different urological conditions. Our first available kit, Managing and Treating Urinary Incontinence, is now available, and will provide patients with a good understanding of incontinence, including symptoms, types, impact and treatment options. Click here to learn more about our Urology 101 kits.


We are proud to offer these kits to our Healthcare Professional audience and hope you will use them to enhance your practice and spread the word about pelvic floor and urological health.

Our Class Presentation Kits are available to professional members of NAFC only. To Sign Up For Membership, And Receive Access To Our Full Library of presentation Kits, Click Below.


CREATING AND Hosting Your Own Bladder Health Event

Interested in hosting a local bladder health awareness event in your area? NAFC has created a Local Event Toolkit to assist you in your planning efforts to help the public: understand the condition and its effects on their quality of life, seek treatment early, and work with their healthcare providers to manage symptoms and discuss and/or revisit treatment options.

The Toolkit includes the following materials: 

Steps for Planning an Event:

  1. Review the Local Event Toolkit

  2. Complete the Local Event Hosting Form and Return to NAFC’s Health Educator at memberservices@nafc.org

  3. Plan and Publicize your Event

  4. Host your Event

For more information, please contact memberservices@nafc.org

We Care About Your Data!

The information you provide within these forms will be used to advertise your class on our site, and to track the number of BE Strong classes presented. Your information is stored by NAFC through a Google Sheet, and is never shared or sold. If you have checked the box to receive future communications from NAFC, your information will be added to our NAFC mailing list and stored in our Mailchimp account. NAFC never shares or sells your data and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

The BE STRONG program has truly been a grassroots effort, made successful by you and your willingness not only to host a class but your enthusiasm in spreading the word about our efforts. If you know of any peers or colleagues that may be interested in this opportunity, please send this information along to them.  We hope to recruit as many instructors as possible!