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Learn About Men's Bladder & Bowel Conditions | NAFC

Read about conditions that affect men's bladder and bowel health, including male urinary incontinence, enlarged prostate, peyronie's disease, and nocturia.


No man has ever been given an instruction manual on how the body works; but it's not like we'd read it anyway, right? But if you are unable to control your bladder or bowel as you once did or if the frequency and urgency to urinate is interfering with the quality of your life, you should seek treatment. Getting informed will help you identify your symptoms. Armed with this knowledge, it will be easier to speak with your physician and establish a plan to take control.

 Male Anatomy

MALE STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE  When physical stress is placed on your bladder through actions like lifting an object, laughing, or coughing, it can cause Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Urine loss occurs. Additional causes of SUI and treatment approaches are detailed here.  >

ENLARGED PROSTATE  As many as 50% of men experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate by age 60, and 90% of men will report symptoms by age 85. The only way to beat the odds is to be informed and take action.  >

 Male Anatomy

PEYRONIE'S DISEASE  Suffering an injury or damage to the penile tissue can cause an abnormal bend or curvature to the penis. This creates a condition know as Peyronie’s disease. The name is a little misleading, as it is actually a wound-healing disorder which can have affects on both sexual and psychological levels.  >

NOCTURIA  According to the American Urological Association (AUA), Nocturia is "the need to urinate at least twice during the night." This is a condition that usually affects men around the age of 60. So if you’re making a couple of trips to the bathroom a night, you might want to learn more about this common and manageable condition.  >

BOWEL HEALTH   If you are unable to make it to the bathroom without bowel leakage, you most likely are dealing with bowel incontinence. This would put you in the company of more than 10 million other men, most over the age of 40. From dietary changes to exercises, there is much that you can do in order to take charge of your life with bowel incontinence.  >

URINARY TRACT INFECTION  If your Urinary Tract health has been derailed, learn how to treat infections quickly and safely. >