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The NAFC Learning Library was created to provide you with the most up-to-date information on incontinence conditions, treatments and management techniques from some of the best minds around.  Click any of the links below to jump to the appropriate section of this page for video presentations and free downloadable guides. If you prefer professionally printed copies of the booklets, brochures and other materials we've produced, you'll find that many of them available for free or at nominal cost - simply click here to visit our ordering page to get yours today.  



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Your Guide To Good Nights And Great Mornings - Strategies for Addressing and Treating Adult Bedwetting

This brochure will give you all the information you need about bedwetting, why it happens and how you can manage it. Click the image above for your free copy. 

It's Time To Talk... Visiting Your Doctor to Talk About Bedwetting

It's never easy to talk to someone about something as personal as bedwetting, even a physician. If you're struggling with how to talk to your doctor about this sensitive topic, this is the brochure for you. Click the image above for your free copy.

The NAFC Guide To Home Hygiene - Skin Care, Laundry, Bedding and Odor Control

Bedwetting can bring on a whole host of concerns, including questions about how to keep things clean and sanitary. Click the image above for your free guide on how to keep your bed and your home smelling fresh.

Bedwetting Discussion Guide

This short and simple questionnaire can be invaluable when it comes to helping you and your doctor determine the causes of your bedwetting and develop an effective plan to help you stay dry. Click the image above for your fee copy. 

Bedwetting Diary

One of the most useful things you can do to treat your bedwetting issues is to keep a careful record. This easy-to-use tool can be of great value to the program you and your doctor develop to manage your condition. Click the image above for your free copy.

Bladder Irritants

This simple guide lists many of the most common foods and beverages that can contribute to incontinence. It's a great sheet to have handy so you can avoid those everyday items that might exacerbate your condition. Click the image above for your free copy.

Bowel Health

Bowel Diary

Click the image above for your free bowel continence diary. Keeping a record of your bowel habits can help you better understand the nature of your condition and give your physician important guidance for diagnosis.

Let's Talk About Bowel Health

Click the image above for your free guide to bowel incontinence. It contains important, relevant and easy-to-understand information about the causes and treatment options for bowel-related issues.


Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Reference Guide

Those who care for others with incontinence face unique challenges. This guide offers insights an strategies to help you provide the best care possible for your loved ones while also caring for yourself. Click the image at left to download your free copy today. 

Caregiver Discussion Guide

Talking about incontinence isn't always easy, even when discussing things with a physician. This short questionnaire has been developed to help you make the most out of your next consultation. Click the image above for your free download.


Catheter Use

Self-Catheterization for Women

The National Association for Continence presents the appropriate way for women to self-catheterize.

Self-Catheterization for Men

Self-catheterization doesn't have to be difficult, as you'll learn from this video presented by a clinical nurse.

Kegel Exercises

Performing Perfect Kegels

Learn from a clinical nurse specialist how to properly do your pelvic muscle exercises. Click the video at left for an easy-to-understand, highly informative guide to doing kegel exercises.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Learn All About IBD!

Watch this new video to learn what causes IBD, what the symptoms of IBD are, and how to treat it.

Neurogenic Bladder

The following videos offer encouragement, insight and useful guidance from everyday people dealing with incontinence challenges. Click any of them to see how their experiences can help you better manage your own symptoms.


Hear firsthand how one brave MS sufferer overcame her incontinence symptoms.


Hear and learn more from a real MS patient who refused to let incontinence get in her way.

Neurogenic Bladder Discussion Guide

If you have a neurological condition that contributes to incontinence, take this guide with you to your next appointment and use these questions to direct your conversation – you’ll find that an open, honest discussion is makes it much easier for you and your doctor to find a solution that’s right for you. 

Continence Support for Children with Disabilities

Managing incontinence in children with disabilities requires a distinct approach. This guide has been developed specifically to help you better address incontinence symptoms in your loved ones and improve their quality of life. 



The videos below offer presentations by medical professionals on a range of incontinence-related topics. They're filled with valuable, reliable information that can help you better understand your condition and how it can be most effectively managed.

About Nocturia

Do you get up multiple times at night to go to the bathroom? That could be a real medical condition called Nocturia - click here to learn more about it.

Treating Nocturia

Frequent nighttime urination isn't something that you just have to live with. There are real, effective treatments available - click here to learn more.

Nocturia Symptom Tracker

This free, downloadable tracking sheet is a great way to help manage and treat your nocturia - it will give you important information to better understand your condition, and your physician will find it incredibly useful in the diagnostic process. Click the image at left for your free download today. 

Preparing For Your Visit

This free, downloadable sheet explains all about what you can expect from your next doctor’s visit. Be sure to print out this handy tool to prepare yourself for the questions he or she may ask you during your appointment. Click the image above to begin your download now.


Overactive Bladder


Over the course of the six short videos below, you'll be introduced to all the key concepts you'll want to know about OAB, including information about the nature of the condition, how you can manage it most effectively and the treatment options you're likely to encounter.

Everything is presented in simple, everyday language that you can relate to, minimizing confusion and giving you the insight you need to have a productive conversation with caregivers, healthcare professionals and others who can help you address your symptoms. 

The Overactive Bladder Care Continuum

Your Introduction to OAB, detailing the care pathway you're likely to encounter as you seek treatment.

Management Through Behavior Modification

You can begin treating symptoms yourself by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Bladder Control Products

There are more products out there than you can imagine. This guide can help you figure out what's right for you.

Advanced Therapies

If medications and injections don't work for you, other minimally invasive therapies are available.

Medications and Injections

Medical treatments for OAB are more effective than ever - here's a sense of what your doctor may suggest for you.

Surgical Options

For conditions that aren't responding well to other forms of treatment, surgery may be a good option.

overactive bladder physician presentation

Bladder Control Treatment Options

If you're suffering from overactive bladder, this 30-minute video offers important information to help you address your condition. Presented by Dr. Scott MacDiarmid, you'll find an easy-to-understand discussion of key issues that can make a meaningful difference in your quality of life.


Click on any of the images below to open a full, downloadable copy of the file - you'll be able to read them right online or print them out to review and use at your convenience. Make sure to take any questionnaires, diaries or guides with you to your next physician's appointment to provide fuller information about your condition and to help lead your conversation in the most productive direction possible.

The OAB Care Pathway

This is a great resource to help you discover all the different ways there are to treat OAB. Just because one hasn't worked for you, it doesn't mean it's the end of the line. With the Care Pathway, you’ll be able to see the all treatment options available!

The OAB 8-Question Screener

This easy, 8-question screener is a great tool to evaluate just how severe your symptoms are. Your answers can help your doctor provide an accurate diagnosis and determine the best treatment options available to you.

A Step-By-Step Guide to OAB

Finding the right incontinence treatment can be difficult, but did you know there are things you can do to improve your symptoms before you even visit your doctor? This Step-By-Step Guide offers an easy-to-understand overview of your options.

Talking With Your Doctor About OAB

Click here for your free brochure, It’s Time To Go… Talking to Your Doctor About Overactive Bladder. It’s a detailed overview of the condition and includes important questions to ask your doctor to make sure you receive the treatment you deserve.

Bladder Retraining Guide

Most people don't think of the bladder as a muscle, but it is. And like any muscle, you can train it to become stronger. Retraining can even help you condition your bladder to hold more fluid for longer periods of time. This guide walks you through a simple, 6-week retraining process.

Bladder Retraining Tips

This short, handy guide offers hints, tips and strategies for you to make your bladder retraining process as successful as possible. Click the image above to download your free pamphlet today.

Bladder Diary

Click here for your free bladder diary. It’s an important tool to keep track of your bladder habits - you’ll be able to see trends over time, and that can give your doctor a much clearer understanding of your condition.

Bladder Irritants

This simple guide lists many of the most common foods and beverages that can contribute to incontinence. It's a great sheet to have handy so you can avoid those everyday items that might exacerbate your condition.


Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic Organ Prolapse Guide

Click the image at left for your free, downloadable guide to pelvic organ prolapse. You'll learn all about its causes and find a range of treatment options, including procedures that can help reduce or even eliminate your symptoms of incontinence.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Surgical Treatments for Female SUI

Click the image above to download your free guide on female stress urinary incontinence, with an emphasis on surgical procedures that can deliver significant relief. 

Male Stress Urinary Incontinence

Click the image above to download your free guide on male stress urinary incontinence. You'll learn important information about its causes and treatment options.


Surgical Procedures

Mid-Urethral Sling Procedure for Women

Dr. Eric Rovner presents an overview of the mid-urethral sling procedure for the treatment of incontinence in women. Click the image at left to view this informative overview.

Talking About Incontinence

NAFC is excited to debut a short film about coming to terms with incontinence. About just how challenging it can be to admit that there's a problem. And also about how facing up to that reality can be an important first step towards drier days.

Living with incontinence can often feel embarrassing and isolating. But whether you’ve had bladder leaks for a few months, or several years, it’s never too late to seek treatment.

Watch this short film about the importance of speaking out about your incontinence, and how it can benefit both you, and the ones you love.

Click here to find a specialist near you and start treating your incontinence today.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections

Urogynecologist Jill Rabin, MD, discusses the causes, risk factors and treatment options for UTIs. Click the video at left to view this important presentation.

Blog Posts

Click on any of the images below to read our most recent blog posts. Our B-Health blog contains an enormous number of articles, including advice from experts, perspectives from real people struggling with incontinence, insights and information to help you better manage your own circumstances and much, much more. To search our entire blog, click here.