Aeroflow Urology

Aeroflow Healthcare offers top quality medical grade incontinence products and catheters. The incontinence products feature whisper-quiet, cloth-like material, superabsorbent and odor guard technology. 

You may be eligible to receive your incontinence supplies at little-to-no cost to you through insurance. Medicaid may pay for an allowable amount of your supplies each month. Most Medicaid plans will cover up to 192 adult briefs, 200 pull-ons and/or 150 disposable underpads (chux) per month. This is true for patients with either primary or secondary Medicaid coverage in most states.

Aeroflow carries all major brands of catheters for men, women, and children. Medicare and various state Medicaid programs also pay for a fixed amount of catheters per month. 

When you chose Aeroflow, you will have a dedicated representative. That means whenever you contact Aeroflow, you’ll talk to the same person.  Each month they will contact you at your preferred time by your preferred method of contact. Your dedicated rep will also assist you with any sizing and customer service issues, ensuring that your product selection is customized for your individual needs and preferences. Your representative will generate an order for your physician, fax them, and do all the necessary paperwork for your insurance. Finally, aeroflow will ship your supplies directly to your door each month in discreet unmarked packaging, at no cost.

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