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NAFC's Centers of Excellence (COE) program was established to recognize those centers and facilities that excel in providing bladder and bowel health care to patients, and to assist consumers dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence issues in searching for an expert. 

 The COE designation is based on evidence of training, clinical experience, resources, and patient satisfaction statistics that meet established standards.  These rigorous standards ensure that each center that is designated a COE is truly exceptional at providing care for patients with pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence.

The goal of the COE program is to establish a bar for aspiration and achievement by others in the field to continuously improve the quality of care delivered to patients, and to ensure that all consumers suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction and/or incontinence are able to easily locate facilities and practitioners who deliver the best outcomes and highest patient satisfaction.

For more information, please contact Steven G. Gregg, Ph.D., NAFC Executive Director at or by calling (843) 419-5307.