Women: It's Time To Take Action And DO Something About Your Incontinence!

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Did you know that most women wait 7 YEARS before seeking treatment for their incontinence? That’s a long time to be managing leaks, skipping out on social functions, and running to the bathroom. Why do women wait so long before taking charge of their health?

We know, we know - it’s embarrassing to talk about! You don’t want anyone to find out, it’s not “that big of a deal - just a few leaks”. On and on the excuses go.

But treating incontinence is just as important as treating any other health condition. And with the wide range of treatments out there, there’s no reason that you should be holding back on talking to your doctor about it for another second.

NAFC has always been a promoter of good health, which can benefit so many aspects of our lives.  We believe that even small improvements made over a series of time can make a huge difference.  

That’s why we’re urging you to take the NAFC Bladder Health Challenge. Choose one of four 8-week challenges listed here and NAFC will send you a series of emails with tips and tricks to help you succeed. 

Practice keeping a bladder diary, learn how to eat healthier for bladder health, strengthen your pelvic floor, or get tips for talking to your doctor. These all may seem like simple steps, but done consistently can make a big difference!

So go ahead – take a step toward improving your bladder health by joining us, and others, in the NAFC 8-week challenge.  Completing any one of the challenges will get you that much closer to a life without leaks.