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NAFC strives to de-stigmatize incontinence, promote prevention, motivate individuals to seek treatment. Learn more about NAFC's history, and our vision for the future.


Our Mission

National Association for Continence is a national, private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with incontinence, voiding dysfunction, and related pelvic floor disorders. NAFC's purpose is to be the leading source for public education and advocacy about the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and management alternatives for incontinence.  

Organization Profile

NAFC's objectives are to de-stigmatize incontinence, to promote preventive measures, to motivate individuals to seek treatment, and to provide collaborative advocacy and service for those who are affected by this problem. In addition to this valuable website, we offer publications and services, such as: brochures detailing what every woman and man should know about bladder and bowel control, disease-specific booklets on Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and Parkinson's Disease, the Caregiver's Desk Reference, and the Blueprint for Continence Care in an Assisted Living Setting, a guidepost of standards offering simple, cost-effective practices for the prevention, assessment, management, and treatment of bladder control problems in assisted living.



The National Association for Continence was founded in September 1982 by Katherine F. Jeter, EdD. When Jeter first started the National Association for Continence, it was known as Help for Incontinent People or HIP.

HIP's mission was to provide helpful information about the causes and treatments for incontinence to the public and health professionals.


The organization and the topic of incontinence drew national attention when more than 35,000 people requested information after Dear Abby wrote about HIP in the popular syndicated column.

In the decades that followed, HIP (now known as NAFC) greatly expanded their outreach and advocacy efforts. The organization published materials on various symptoms and struggles of bladder and bowel concern, established a toll-free hotline, helped create a Bladder Health Council, garnered national press for advocacy efforts with politicians and the FDA, orchestrated the start of Bladder Health Awareness Month, and attended and spearheaded many medical and industry conferences.

Because of the elevated stage and national level of leadership HIP provided, the organization changed its name to The National Association for Continence (NAFC) in 1996.


Today, NAFC facilitates online forum discussions, publishes tips and suggestions to thousands of professional and patient members monthly, is building a task force to combat the lack of absorbency product standards, and is a leader in the discussion of preventative care for incontinence.


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